the rarest edition - miltonduff - scotland - single malt whisky the rarest edition - miltonduff - scotland - single malt whisky

the rarest edition

 Miltonduff 41 years old commemorating 200 years of Scotch Whisky

As many people will know 1824 is a very significant year for the Scotch Whisky Industry, that was the year when whisky making truly flourished. A year before in 1823, had seen the Excise Act pass through Parliament making it much more worthwhile for the illicit distillers of the time to become legal and the industry to become more of what we recognized today.

the rarest edition

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why Miltonduff

Situated in the Laich of Moray, just a few minutes from the county town of Elgin there was a number of illicit stills in the area but Miltonduff was the only one who became legal in 1824. Ideally located to take advantage of the locally grown barley, the distillery also has a wonderfully consistent water source taking water from the Black Burn which runs adjacent to the distillery.

A few miles upstream from the distillery lies Pluscarden Abbey where the monks have been making beer for almost 900 years which is further testament to the quality of the water from the Black Burn.

In 1964 there was also a pair of Lomond stills put into the distillery producing a spirit know as Mosstowie, the name of local area around the distillery. The stills were decommissioned in 1981 and replaced by another set of pot stills making three pairs.

In 2005 the distillery was purchased by French company Pernod Ricard and is currently undergoing a very extensive upgrade. Miltonduff still remains one of the key malts in the Ballantines family which itself is one of the most popular Scotch Whiskies in the world.

the rarest edition - miltonduff - scotland - single malt whisky

the rarest edition

rarest miltonduff
41 years old

One of the great Single Malts of Speyside, Miltonduff is recognize by experts and connoisseurs as the archetypal Speysider. A rich, full-bodied whisky filled with fruit notes and creamy overtones, it is also a key part of many great blends, especially Ballantine's.



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  • Nose

    A box of candied fruits from Provence, mandarin, orange, grapefruit, melon, pineapple and pears. Very delicate and dignified. Dark chocolate coated raisins and a touch of waxy comb honey. A soft musky note of old dunnage warehouses.

  • palate

    Initially soft and sweet, with an oily, viscous texture. Still has the notes of candied fruits, but now more on the skins and rinds. A light prickle of delicate spices. Beautiful patina of age, old oak and dusty warehouses.

  • finish

    Becomes drier than the initial palate, but restrained, polished and pleasant. Layers of old oak and damp cigar tobacco packed in cedar wood boxes. Great length, wonderfully balanced, complex and satisfying. A stunning dram!

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the rarest edition

200 years of whisky

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