the rarest edition - lochside - scotland - single malt whisky the rarest edition - lochside - scotland - single malt whisky

the rarest edition

 Lochside's 60-Year Masterpiece
the lost legacy

Located in Montrose on the east coast of Scotland in the county of Angus. Lochside Distillery was created in 1957 when the old Deuchars Brewery was bought by Joseph Hobbs(McNabs Distillers) laid out to work with both pot and column stills. In 1972 the distillery was bought by Destilerias y Crienza of Spain before becoming part of Allied Distillers .

the rarest edition

story of
LOCHSIDE distillery

the lost distillery

In 1992 the distillery was mothballed and all of the equipment stripped out 5 years later with the buildings finally being demolished in 2005. One the things the distillery was famous for was the ability to create a Single Blend in other words both malt and grain spirit distilled on the same site, on occasion being blended as new make for the full maturation.

The site today is owned by Chivas Brothers, the whisky division of the French company Pernod Ricard though there isn’t a great deal visible to even indicate a distillery even existed.

the rarest edition - lochside - scotland - single malt whisky

the rarest edition

rarest LOCHSIDE 60 years old

Located on the edge of Montrose overlooking the rich farmlands and barley fields of Angus, Lochside towered over all the nearby buildings. It was a sad day when the distillery demolished but fortunately there still remains a few jewels to remind us of just how good a whisky it was.



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  • Nose

    Astonishingly rich and fresh, full of forest fruits, wild strawberry, raspberry and brambles. Liqueur filled chocolates, vintage leather jacket, old sherry and a tiny touch of aged soy sauce. Quite brilliant and enticing.

  • Palate

    Impressive freshness for an old whisky. Dense and moderately fruity with oaky notes upfront and a background sweetness. Sparkles of spices, including cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon. An earthy rancio reminiscent of a wonderful very old cognac.

  • finish

    Tremendously long and warming, without any excess tannins or dryness. Even more on liqueurs and chocolates. Beautifully complex with dense fruit and balanced spices. A very rewarding, powerful and intense dram.

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the rarest edition

Lochside 60 years old

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