Situated on what many people consider The Highland Line, Tullibardine can be found in the tiny village of Blackford just as the rolling hills of the south climb to become the mountains of the Highlands. Since reopening some 30 years ago, the distillery has developed an excellent Visitor Centre. It is located only a few hundred metres from the A9, the main road north to Inverness and the Highlands. If there was a distillery that truly exhibited “Terrior,” it would be Tullibardine, with many of its key notes reflected in the local landscape.

The Journey of the Octave

Guided tasting Videos with Duncan Taylor's whisky Manager

Join Ian Logan as he guides you through the Octave process and the journey we must follow to reach the finished product. Enjoy the pinnacle of the Duncan Taylor Single Malt Whisky Range.


Pre Octavation

Sees the classic sweet, honeyed notes you would expect from American Oak, with delicate floral notes in the background.


Mid Octavation

A slightly darker colour also see a change of aroma and taste; the early honeyed noted to become more caramelized now.


Post octavation

Exhibits ripe fruits in toffee, with subtle spice. The beautiful mahogany colour is a testament to a great Octave playing its part.

About The Collection

Octave Invigorated Whiskies

For upwards of 40 years the team at Duncan Taylor has experimented by maturing whiskies in smaller casks with great success. Our research stemmed from the simple premise that there is more wood interaction with whisky over a shorter period of time in a small cask than in a large cask, therefore allowing a more rapid melding of wood, air and alcohol.
After a second maturation the octave casks have refined the whisky, enhancing its hue, taste, form and character. The flavour profile is gently expanded, a little more sophisticated with the commanding presence of a mature, well-balanced Scotch Whisky.
They have become ‘Octave Invigorated™.
The Octave Collection is extensive with something for all tastes, be it a single malt, a single grain or a blended malt whisky. Featured distilleries include Aultmore, Bhunnahabhain, Brackla, Caol Ila, Glenallachie, Glen Moray, Highland Park, Miltonduff and Tobermory.

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