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Campbeltown Continued

Today, only three distilleries remain. However, this scarcity hardly hinders production, with the three distilleries producing five distinctive malt whiskies between them. Perfect as whiskey miniatures or as a sole 70cl bottle, Campeltown malts are recognised for their briny character.

The whiskey of the region is evocative and idiosyncratic. In addition to the brine towns, Campbeltown whiskey features vanilla and toffee flavours complemented by dried fruit and a smoky texture that serves as a reminder of the region’s illustrious past.

The History

Campbeltown’s whisky-distilling fame endured the whole of the 1800’s. Despite a downturn in production in the 18540’s which saw more than half of its distilleries closed, its Cambeltown’s distinctive flavour persisted to usher in the dawn of the 20th century.

Yet, clearer skies were not on the horizon. The First World War brought with it a steady decline in consumption. The Campbeltown style fell out of favour with blenders and this, combined with Prohibition in the US, saw the whiskey fight for its own survival. Only one distillery survived until the end of the 1920’s only to be joined by another fourteen years later.

Today Springbank and Glen Scotia remain very different propositions. Whereas Springbank is notably smoky and robust, Glen Scotia is famed for being light and grassy (despite this not always being the case in the past.) Despite their diverse flavour profiles, both whiskies have endured and are today most-appealing to consumers.

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